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Waste Tank Pumping and Services of Portable Buildings and Drains


On large construction sites, it is common to have waste tanks under portable buildings.  Super Suck Liquid Waste Removal provides programmed servicing of waste and holding tanks and also offers an ďAT CALL SERVICEĒ.  Most servicing is completed within 48 hours unless pre-arranged.

If silt pits become blocked, call Super Suck Liquid Waste Removal to empty that sucker right out.

Super Suck Liquid Waste Removal also pump out pools and a variety of tanks.

Note: Super Suck Liquid Waste Removal does not pump out grease traps and solvent materials.  Speak to our helpful staff for our recommendations for a contractor in your local area to assist you with.


What to do when require waste tank pumping and servicing of portable buildings and drains:


Step 1:  Contact Super Suck Liquid Waste Removals on 1300 132 731

Step 2:  Advise the Super Suck Liquid Waste Removal customer service team of the type pumping service you require.

Step 3:  Make sure access is available on site.

Step 4:  Make sure the site is not locked.

Emergency Callouts


Call 1300 132 731


  • Trucks must be able to get within 25 metres of the access to the point of service.  If the service location is further away than 25 metres, please advise our customer service team as additional costs may apply and the truck may require additional equipment to complete the service to your tank.

  • If you have step access onto your site or your site is bogie, please advise our customer service team.  Sites that are not accessible by our trucks on arrival may incur a wasted call out charge.

  • Some servicing may require additional water to assist with the cleaning of your job.  If you do not have water available on site or you have tank water and you do not want us to use it, please advise our customer service team so other arrangements can be made. 

  • If you have a muddy site, you as the hirer will be responsible for any dirt on the road or driveway.  Super Suck Liquid Waste Removal will not be responsible for the clean up.  You will may liable for any towing costs if our trucks get bogged due to poor ground conditions.

  • When manoeuvring trucks on site, our drivers have blind spots where we can not see small objects.  Keep all children and animals inside and away from our trucks at all times while our team is on site.

  • It takes about 20 to 30 minutes to pump out most tanks.

  • It is the hirerís responsibility to show our service team which tank you would like pumped.

  • It is the hirerís responsibility to make sure that there are No solvents or non bio degradable liquids inside the tank, pits or capsule that require pumping.  Large fines may apply by water authority for disposing of these products illegally.

  • 30 day accounts are available to approved customers.

  • Please read important Terms and Conditions prior to any servicing.

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